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内容摘要:In the legend of the world inside LOL besides qualifying Dan, the skin is the most let the game player who love it, because the skin to have...
In the legend of the world inside LOL besides qualifying Dan, the skin is the most let the game player who love it, because the skin to have a sense of pride in game player, some game player are more exaggeration to say that the skin can increase the feeling to them, LOL from the beginning to now, the launch of the skin, there are more than 700, of course there's good or bad, are expensive there, today to talk about so much in the lowest price of skin three skin!
Third: 1st anniversary celebration - Anne
The skin in the original painting, or good, which had just launched the first year of the legend of the world said LOL is very good, the original is good, but the game not only said what the difference with the ordinary Anne, is for a set of clothes, the bear for a touch only, so change a piece of clothing, even before a game player for him, willing to spend a lot of money to draw, for this is not specific to skin, it is drunk!
The second paragraph: UFO- aircraft
The legend of the world the skin more let small Speechless, no what special meaning, just have a limited label, once inside the game player Post Bar sale of accounts because there is this skin, called the price of ten thousand dollars, my days! This is no special effects, but also the aircraft changed to UFO, let his identity turned over a hundred times, I might as well take the lottery!
The first paragraph: reetz will never change until death
The legend of the world to get the game player who like God's skin, some people even said, with this skin, is to have tens of thousands of dollars in the body, some friends broke the news before the anchor in the broadcast said, $thirty thousand acquisition of Ruiz skin account will never change until death, at that time really let all people ignorant of game player force, a skin can actually buy such a high price, presumably because of that time, so the skin was worth so high! But this skin is still no special effects, and in the game is not handsome, and a little ugly!
For these expensive and there is no effect of the skin, I refuse to blockbuster, but also very resistant to such a low price, why the skin can actually buy so expensive, there is no place for it to estimate the nouveau riche rich, what do you think?







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