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内容摘要:A "three generation III ten li peach blossom" by the audience hot, the protagonist night China is captured thousands of girls hear...
A "three generation III ten li peach blossom" by the audience hot, the protagonist night China is captured thousands of girls heart. The refinery system subject, whether television or movies can have a very good market, at the same time refining system, the theme of the game is not a minority, refining system Webpage Game "brought by the world's legendary game forex21", has a unique background of the game, and fun game modes and rich fight scenes, makes the game with more ornamental value, "forex21" is worth the game player to attempt this, Xiao Bian today we brought "forex21" evaluation. Show everyone the difference between the games.
"Forex21" the whole style has different difference with the previous casual game, the game is first appeared in the Q version of the form, do not let the game player feel quite interesting, especially cute characters appearance, may be more affected by the female game player. In addition, the entire game picture is exquisitely crafted, and the scenery is full of vivid description, and the huge scene transformation in the game is quite smooth. And the game of property production quite attentively, each of the different attributes have different clothing and characteristics, let players see the role of each person. The Q version of the game, a little less boring and boring, is a rather addictive page tour.
"Forex21" in Taoist is featured in the game play in the game, there are two kinds of Taoist classification, respectively is the world and a devil's tower, each BOSS has a different level of requirements, but also can get a lot of game player reward system in the day 10 points, 14 points, 16 points and 22 points refresh time game player can choose BOSS system, enhance the refresh to remind myself. Players want to enter these activities, you need to go to the system requirements, otherwise you can only watch people get a variety of incentives, so that the level is the most critical player.
Refining system, game player seen too much, and "forex21" as a Q version of the instant against Webpage Game, has a unique approach in the picture and the effect of occupation choice, also can satisfy the requirements of most game player in the battle system, although there is a little problem, but in skill effect and attack effect and let the game player has a fun experience, characteristics of play is to let the game player to obtain a variety of materials and resources in the later part of the land. In a word, is the one with the previous refining system Webpage Game different Webpage Game, if the game player want tired of the past style, then quickly to "experience a different comprehension of the road" in forex21!






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